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3 Essential Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time

Living on your own may not be so easy at first, especially if you were used to living with your parents throughout the years. You may have depended on them so much that you aren’t used to having no one around to help you whenever you’d need something. This is true, especially when you decide to live on your own at that apartment on the hill. Homesickness and strong dependability can strike anytime, causing you to struggle in the long run. Luckily, you may do a couple of things to make your solo living life more convenient and bearable.

The following tips may just be able to help you out, as it is focused on first-time apartment owners.

1. Learn to Be Independent

Now is not the time to be relying on someone else to do all the house chores for you. You need to learn to be independent, especially as you will be living on your own. By doing so, you will no longer need the help of others when it comes to your laundry, your house cleaning, and your home cooking. 

Yes, learning to do them all efficiently takes time. You may create holes in your clothes, you may end up breaking a couple of items while dusting off your shelves, and you may have a few burnt eggs while cooking your breakfast, but all of those are part of the process. If you do not have the patience to learn them all, you may not be able to master them in time.

2. Be Friendly

No one likes a mean neighbor. They say that respect begets respect, meaning that you will not be able to earn the good graces of other people if you do not stretch out your hands first for a handshake. The thing about being a good neighbor is that you will be able to garner more friends in the process. You will also be able to have a trustworthy group of people around you that may be willing to watch over your apartment while you’re away on vacation. 

Of course, you should still analyze them well, as some of them may end up untrustworthy after all. But, once you get to know which ones you can trust and which ones you must avoid, you will have a general idea of the people living close to you.

3. Be Wise

More than anything, you have to be mindful of all your expenses. Budgeting is one of the most crucial things that you’d have to learn in order to survive living on your own. You wouldn’t want your money to run out while you still have other needs. Do not spend them all on unnecessary things; rather, choose to spend on food, water, and the other necessities that will make your solo living easier. 

For the most part, no one else will pay your bills, and neither will there be anyone to lend you money. You are on your own, meaning that it is your responsibility to manage your resources and cash. Be wise about your spending, and you will never run out of financials in the long run.


These are just some of the things to consider once you decide to live on your own. Living alone may not be an enticing prospect for some, but it offers a lot of opportunities for self-growth and learning. By being responsible with your budget, learning to do all the chores without relying on others, and being a good neighbor to the other residents in the building, you may very well survive through the first few months of your stay, all the way towards being comfortable with your solo life.

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