3 Reasons You Should Settle Down in Birmingham, Alabama

For different reasons, people need a change of scenery as a sign of moving forward with their lives. This can be due to work arrangements, university options, and even settling down with a partner. Finding a new home leaves you with plenty of options across the many states of the US. Although it’s generally better to stick to a city and neighborhood you’re familiar with, you could miss out on potential opportunities in other regions.

Birmingham, Alabama, is famous for Veterans Day and for a wide range of residential benefits. Besides quality housing opportunities, there are also great places to dine, shop, and experience culture in the South. If you’re looking for an excellent community to live in, Birmingham is a city you should check out.

The perks of living in Birmingham, Alabama

Where you decide to stay will also affect your other lifestyle choices. This can be variables like your proximity to a grocery or the number of job opportunities in the area. For this reason, you should keep your options open when deciding where you should set your roots down for the next chapter of your life.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should settle down in Birmingham, Alabama.

Discover excellent dining and drinking spots

Part of choosing where you want to live is assessing the quality of food you’ll get access to. Thankfully, Birmingham has a nationally renowned food scene. You can hop from one quirky dive bar to a luxury diving establishment to the next, making for a diverse dining experience. It’s not just a title for show since The James Beard Foundation recently awarded four of Birmingham’s top restaurants and bars in its 2020 list of culinary greats. If you’ve decided to taste their cuisine yourself, don’t forget to drop by Chez Fonfon, Atomic Lounge, Johnny’s Restaurant, and Automatic Seafood.

Explore the city’s closeness to nature

Not all cities have the luxury of being close to nature’s beautiful sceneries. Birmingham is just nearby a collection of waterfalls, lakes, and other outdoor locations. This enables you to schedule a getaway from the city without taking a day trip across the state. You can take a sunset hike at Red Mountain Park or try canoeing in Oak Mountain State Park. Having easy access to these areas that commune with nature makes it easier to enjoy weekends and holidays without staying stuck in your home.

Enjoy affordable living costs

Choosing a place to settle down in Birmingham isn’t just about the spectacle of enjoying the neighborhood. Besides the beautiful living accommodations, you’ll also enjoy relatively cheaper housing expenses, primarily since the cost of living in Birmingham is 19% lower than in other states. This makes it accessible for young professionals to live in a premium loft or even build an affordable starter home in exclusive neighborhoods. It’s an excellent city for people just starting their careers and those who are planning to spend their retirement years in a great community.


You shouldn’t limit yourself to your limited experiences when it comes to your housing situation. Sometimes, taking a step away from your comfort zones is the best choice for the next chapter of your life, whether you’re living with your partner or spending your retirement years in peace. Birmingham, Alabama, has a great and welcoming environment to be your next home.

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