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4 Plants to Use for Decorating Your Luxury Apartment

The importance of plants in creating the ideal luxury apartment is frequently understated. Plants are essential in creating a living environment that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Luxury residences devoid of plants are frequently seen as chilly, pompous, and uninviting by visitors. Aside from adding to the visual appeal, indoor plants enhance the air quality of your house and contribute to the overall coherence and attractiveness of the space.

It’s interesting to note that plants and people coexist in a symbiotic manner. That is particularly true when it comes to indoor plants, which are becoming more popular. They provide oxygen in exchange, which helps to enhance health, happiness, concentration, and sleep—not to mention that they make the living environment seem sophisticated and enjoyable.

If you are finding it hard to choose plants for your apartment, here are some options that you may want to consider putting in your space to make it more lively and luxurious:

White Philodendron Cordatum (Cordatum)

The White Philodendron is an excellent choice for maintaining the integrity of your interior décor since it does not grow too large. It has a highly unusual, yet elegant look because it has green leaves with large white dots. And if you were under the impression that this plant couldn’t get much better, you were mistaken. Despite its distinctive and elegant appearance, it requires very little care.

Anyone living in an upmarket apartment with a sophisticated, modern design will benefit from having this plant since the white portions of the leaves are an excellent match for the white and neutral hues of the furniture and other interior décor elements.

Birds of Paradise

That is the ideal plant for homeowners who like both green plants and plants that produce blooms. The leaves and flowers have a distinctive avian growth pattern, which is why some people refer to it as plant royalty. This plant may serve as an excellent focal point for a well-designed guest bedroom.

The blooms have the appearance of an orange bird’s beak encircled by green ‘plumage,’ which is the feature that gave this plant its name. The foliage is similar to that of a banana tree, but it is much more enticing due to the possibility of producing beautiful blooms. These show-stopping flowers, along with the rich green of the foliage, which contrasts nicely with white and off-white, will add a touch of unpretentious style and elegance to your apartment’s decor. They do, however, need humidity as well as regular exposure to the light to thrive.

Jade Pothos Totem

Even though you may be living in a tower in Homewood, planting these potted greens will assist you in creating the atmosphere of a tropical paradise. Aside from having a very stylish name, this plant is also straightforward to care for and maintain. The vertical pattern it possesses makes it beautiful and apartment-friendly—a great way to add some height to your space. You will be able to place it virtually wherever you need to give a little bit of zing to your space.

It’s a fantastic corner plant since it never grows too large in breadth, so it never seems out of place. Furthermore, its tall, thin form and its big leaves are a stunning complement to hardwood floors and open shelves.

Chinese Fan Palm 

Plants may be used to liven up and reinterpret a minimalist, angular architecture design, for example. When they are young, the size of these plants may be likened to that of a small shrub. Generally speaking, it takes approximately a decade for them to be recognized as trees.

Adding Chinese Fan Palms to your apartment will help maintain the modern, elegant feel of the space while also adding a touch of exoticism. The growing pattern of this plant’s frond (fan-like leaf) is fascinating since it resembles a fountain. In other words, its leaves spread out to create a fan that falls at the edges, greatly mimicking the flow of water from a fountain in appearance.

Final Thoughts

You may use plants to draw attention to an item in your space that you like or appreciate. For instance, by covering a fireplace with plants, you may transform it into something spectacular. You may place plants next to a favorite piece of art or picture to bring it to life. Any of these plants may also be used to create a pleasant reading space around a favorite chair in your home

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