5 Parent-Approved Tips for Living in a Luxury Apartment

Living in a luxury apartment is a fun experience when you’re still alone, as it provides you with plenty of independence. Learning to share that space with your partner can offer a number of lessons as well. However, nothing compares to the feat of living in a luxury apartment with the whole family.

That isn’t to say that parents can’t raise their children and teenagers while living in a luxury apartment. In fact, it’s far from it as staying in a complex can impact your children in quite a good way. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help with parenting them during this period of adjustment:

1) Involve Your Children with Decision-Making

There’s nothing more frustrating for kids than feeling like they’re left out of many decisions, especially when it comes to their own living space. Rectify that by trying to involve your kids a little better with the apartment choosing process.

For example, if you’re debating between two kinds of apartment styles at the complex you’re eyeing to stay in, get your children’s input. Perhaps they like the layout of one version better than the other or the fact that there’s an extra room that they can use for recreational activities.

2) Teach Them the Importance of Respect

Noise can be a little hard to control when raising younger kids. Even teenagers blasting music on the speakers and making your ears ring can be quite a challenge. However, living in an apartment complex offers the perfect teaching opportunities involving respect.

There are plenty of neighbors who wouldn’t appreciate any rowdy sounds coming from your room, and teaching that concept to your children early on lets them learn about respect. Guide them into showing consideration for others and note how staying quiet when needed is a must.

3) Practice Sharing in the Complex

Aside from respect, the concept of sharing is another thing that your kids will pick up quite easier and faster in an apartment complex. Each time they step outside and use certain amenities, other occupants stay or utilize the same area.

Understanding how to share will be vital for their character in the long run, so walk them through it. Allow them to mingle with other people and explore the apartment complex, though remember to keep them in your supervision when necessary.

4) Be a Little Strict with Storage

Many of your kids will likely have a number of toys with them. Playtime can be extra demanding of your time and energy, and clean-up even more so. Teach your kids how it’s important to store things away after use by demonstrating and disciplining them how to do so. Having this principle of decluttering the apartment space will be a good quality for them to grow up with.

5) Extend Patience

On the flip side of being strict, it’s important to have a bit of patience as well. Growing up is never easy, especially in an environment that’s still foreign to the children. Always take that into consideration when parenting them. Try to communicate more with your kids, too, as it will be healthier for your relationship when you get their side of the story.


It can be quite the process for your kids to grow up in a luxury apartment. You might have experienced living in such a space your whole life, but it will still be a new and different environment for them. Hold their hand and walk them through it as best as you can. 

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