5 Reasons Why Renting a Luxury Apartment Is the Smart Choice

Homeownership has long been the preferred living arrangement, but the recent trends today prove otherwise. If owning a home or apartment isn’t a part of your life’s goals, then renting a luxury apartment may be the best option for you!

Hearing the word “luxury” mentioned with living arrangements may turn people away from the idea, as living in a deluxe apartment will undoubtedly cost a pretty penny. While luxury living isn’t attainable for many, you can still make your lavish lifestyle dream come true by choosing to rent!

If you’re still unsure about renting a luxury apartment, read on below:

1. No Maintenance Costs

The best thing about renting a luxury apartment is that you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repair—all you have to do is pay your bills and enjoy the glamorous life! 

Apartment owners are fully responsible when a pipe bursts, the dishwasher malfunctions, or water leaks from the ceiling, but all of that is not part of your obligations as a renter. As long as you do your part in taking care of the apartment, the landlord will handle everything else.

2. Luxurious Lifestyle For Less

Having a luxurious lifestyle feels like a dream, but the money you have to shell out to make it a reality often discourages many people from achieving their apartment fantasy.

Living in one of the best apartments in Downtown Homewood doesn’t have to cost more than you’d like! Although owning a luxury apartment is expensive, renting one is a whole other matter. With the renting costs being much lower than buying an apartment, it makes perfect financial sense to live in a Homewood rental instead.

3. Access to Amazing Amenities

When you rent a luxury apartment, you’re not just paying for great living space—you also get to take advantage of various amenities. Not everyone can afford to own a  pool or a gym, but living in a luxury apartment allows one to enjoy those things without paying much.

Renting a luxury apartment is your ticket to a wealthy life! Staying at the Hill as a renter provides terrific opportunities to swim in the pool, relax in our outdoor spa, exercise in our fitness studio, and more! 

4. No Commitment

Being a renter gives you freedom—you won’t be restricted to areas you can’t afford to buy. Owning a home in famous cities may be impossible for many, but renting allows you to live in areas where property values are high. 

Owning an apartment or a house means you’re stuck with the property for the rest of your life until you sell it, but as a renter, you have flexibility. When you choose to rent, you can switch to different apartments until you find one that’s perfect to live in.

5. Fixed Expenses

The changing market conditions can be nerve-wracking for an apartment owner, but you don’t have to worry about any of that as a renter! Since your monthly rental amount is fixed, you can plan your finances without thinking about unexpected expenses due to fluctuating mortgage rates and property taxes.


Who says you have to buy an expensive apartment to live in one? Renting a luxury apartment is the best thing you can do! When you play your cards right, you may just save tens of thousands of dollars a year by renting a luxury apartment. As long as you choose the right apartment rental to live in, you can enjoy luxurious life for less!

If you’ve been looking to rent a luxury apartment in Downtown Homewood, The Hill at Eastbury’s rentals may be perfect for what you need! With the incredible location and the comforting feeling of home, you will love living in our apartment community. Submit a rental application today!

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