Your Guide to Choosing a Color Palette for Your Apartment

Picking the best furnishings and finishes greatly enhances your luxury apartment. The colors you choose play a huge role in achieving this and setting the overall vibe for your home

Even though color preferences are pretty subjective, it is still essential that you pick ones that complement each other and other elements of your interior design. Read on to learn about steps you can take and factors you must consider in choosing a color palette for your apartment. 

Floor Plan

We can not emphasize enough how important it is to check the floor plans of your house and determine which spaces are visible from a different room. This step lets you pick colors that flow into one another and form a cohesive design. 

Overall Tone

As with any process that involves design, you must decide the feel and tone you desire for your apartment. Do you want clean and minimalist or cozy and dainty? Deciding on this aspect will help you determine the right colors that will build your vision of a space. 

Light and neutral colors tend to give off a relaxed atmosphere and make a room look wider and more open. Earth colors, on the other hand, are the perfect option for people who like feeling comfortable and safe in their space. Lastly, use bold shades if you are into confidence and vibrant energy. These colors have a substantial impact on any space they are incorporated into. 

Deciding on the tone of your room also allows you to determine the best furniture pieces to decorate it with. What feeling do you want to have whenever you are in this space? And what kind of impression do you want to leave on your guests through your tone? 

The Central Room

The center of your apartment, commonly the living room, is where your overall design should be centered. This space decides your guests’ first impression of your apartment and, therefore, should have the best and most coherent color palette.

Color Testing

The lighting in your room significantly influences its colors. This is why testing different shades in each of your spaces will help determine the right color palette. 

We recommend painting color swatches on your wall and checking the color at different times of the day and under various lighting conditions. Then, you can pick the appropriate shade to use for your room.

Experimenting with Your Color Palette

Paint colors heavily define your apartment’s look and the space you will be living in for a long time. Typically, one-dimensional palettes look dull over time and may become too boring for you. So, as much as you can, build a color palette for your apartment that is timeless and perfect for your personality and taste.

Interior design trends in recent years have become more intentional in using more than one color scheme for a single room and matching the colors with patterns, textures, light, and shapes to enhance the appearance of the space. Exquisite furniture pieces and lighting fixtures effectively balance the diverse colors to achieve a subtle yet elegant design. 


The color scheme of your luxury apartment is an integral part of comfortable and stylish living. With the mentioned aspects above, we hope it will be easier for you to make smart decisions in picking the colors of your living spaces.

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