Why Living in a Homewood Apartment Is the Absolute Best

Apartment living is something that so many people aspire to attain, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Having that easy maintenance and private space can be like your own little safe haven in whatever city that you’re in. When it suits your lifestyle, staying in an apartment can be the absolute best.

However, if you want to take that kind of living setup up a notch, eye living in a Homewood apartment instead. This beautiful city in Alabama can be quite the place to take in. If you need an additional basis for why a Homewood apartment is supreme, here are six reasons to consider:

1) The Amenities

Amenities are often the reason why apartment living becomes outstanding. The Hill at Eastbury in Downtown Homewood has several amazing amenities to offer, guaranteeing a spectacular experience. Look forward to accessing the pool, outdoor spa, fitness studio, gourmet kitchen, outdoor fire pit, and more. That’s all just a couple of steps from your apartment door.

If you’re searching for amenities that offer a bit of practicality, say no more. The Hill at Eastbury provides an internet cafe so that you can connect to Wi-Fi and get your work done in a jiffy while enjoying a Homewood cup of joe. In addition to that, there are also controlled access entry gates for the whole apartment community’s improved security.

2) The Shopping

Homewood, specifically 18th Street, has just about everything you need. Whether you’re searching for a book shop, a toy store, and more, there’s a place for just about anything. Shopping, or even just going window shopping, can bring a pretty fun and stress-free weekend. You never know if you’re going home with a bag full of new clothes or cooking spices to try out.

3) The Food

Hunger in Homewood can be easily satisfied, no matter what you’re craving. If you need a quick popsicle for any heat-filled days, you can swing by and get one on your way out or in the apartment. Different cuisines are available too, so set a schedule with your friends or family to enjoy a hearty meal and decadent dessert together.

4) The Park

If you’re searching for a hidden gem of a park where you can walk your pet and get some jogging done, Homewood has the place for you. Homewood Central Park is a favorite of many in the community since it can be so calm and peaceful. Kids play around as people bond with their pets for that picturesque suburban life.

5) The Liveliness

Homewood is always bustling with something to do. Popping out of your apartment once in a while can introduce you to the charms and events within the locality, like the yearly Christmas Parade or the Holiday Pop-Up Market. Swing by to pick up a special something for a person who’s dear to you.

6) The People

The community in Homewood is unmatched, thanks to being selfless and close-knitted. One notable tradition that’s carried out is the Witches’ Ride, which helps raise money for the American Cancer Society and the battle against lung cancer. It would be a wonderful bunch to join and belong in, especially if you share the same advocacies.


Apartment living is more than just the studio that you’re staying in. It’s also complemented by the lifestyle and location of where you’re staying. Homewood puts up quite the case, and it should definitely be on your list of places to settle down in and try.

The Hill at EasburyIf you’re still searching for apartments in Downtown Homewood, AL, check out The Hill at Eastbury. Our exquisite and luxurious apartment community goes far beyond the front door to bring the optimal apartment living experience. Contact us today!

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