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10 Legitimate Reasons to Like about Luxury Apartments

The biggest difference between a regular apartment and a luxury one is their inclusions. Standard apartment units usually have parking, a designated laundry area, and central air conditioning. On the other hand, luxury apartments contain more than that, making it all the more convenient for homeowners to live comfortably.

Aside from the amenities previously mentioned, luxury apartments often include the following:

  • Controlled access entry gates
  • A fitness studio
  • Outdoor pool and spa
  • Outdoor gourmet kitchen
  • Internet cafe
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Other services that cater to a premium lifestyle

But The Hill at Eastbury: 

Premium Facilities

As mentioned above, the facilities provided make this particular piece of real estate stand out from standard units. Luxury apartments bring convenience to their customers within the community. It isn’t unusual to find a therapy center, salon, walking trail, parks, playgrounds, or even medical clinics within or in proximity to the apartment grounds.

Premium Services

Part of owning a luxury apartment includes the availability of premium services aside from premium facilities. These can consist of professional snow removal and lawn care services to reduce risks in the winter and improve the unit’s aesthetic during sunnier weather.

Location, Location, Location

Luxury apartment units value convenience, so they bring services to their clients and ensure their location is nearby retail areas like malls, grocery stores, and cultural centers. Although this proximity comes at a higher price, those who prefer having these commercial centers near them do not mind the costs associated with the unit since it helps them save up on gasoline money as well.

Guaranteed Parking

Luxury units come with either one or two reserved parking slots depending on the unit size you purchase. And though you have to pay for those slot(s) annually, this is a much safer option than leaving your vehicle(s) outside the community.

Improved Safety

These kinds of apartments are situated in low-crime neighborhoods and follow stricter safety guidelines on the premises. Doors have deadbolts, entry gates are controlled, and a gated parking lot are some of the features a building of luxury units may have. However, speak to the administration to be sure.

Improved HVAC Systems

HVAC systems in regular units may be loud, clunky, or inefficient, making unnecessary noise during an important meeting or distributing too little or too much air. Meanwhile, those in luxury apartments are more modern. They are quiet, efficient, and accessible via smart remote for an added touch of convenience.

Bigger Cuts of Land

Whereas regular apartments reach up to 1,200 sq. ft. in size, luxury units are approximately over 70 percent larger, going over 1,800 sq. ft. That means more space for bedrooms, furniture, and other personal accouterments!

Balcony Space

Premium apartments also include a balcony for a glamorous outdoor experience from the comforts of home.

Clean Turnover

Owning an apartment usually means cleaning the space before moving in for good. Not with luxury apartments! The building administration ensures a professional cleaning service tidies up every room in anticipation of the new owners.

Better Acoustics

You don’t have to think about loud neighbors or loud thumping bass lines waking you up in the middle of the night. Luxury apartments come with improved sound quality measures to block out unwanted sound.

Closing the Deal

Despite their higher price, luxury apartments more than justify their cost with the conveniences of amenities, retail outlets, improved safety, and other premium features included. These provide you and your family with hassle-free living that’s worth spending every penny for.

Are you in the market for apartments on The Hill? Contact The Hill at Eastbury and apply for luxurious apartment living in the center of Downtown Homewood and Soho Square, reaching far beyond to deliver the premium lifestyle residents deserve!

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