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Studio vs. One-Bedroom Apartment: Which Is Better?

You’re probably contemplating studios and one-bedroom apartments as you seek a new home—or possibly your first apartment in the big city! Both options have what a single tenant or a couple needs: a full kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Learning the significant differences between the two types of apartments will help you narrow down your choices and choose the best and most cost-effective option for your next home.

Read on to learn about what each option has to offer and how to choose the right one for you:

Studios vs. One Bedroom Apartments 

A separate bedroom isolated from the rest of the apartment by a wall distinguishes studio flats from one-bedroom apartments in Homewood, AL. Studio apartments do not offer this privilege; however, one-bedroom apartments do.

Studio Apartment 

By definition, a studio apartment is a single-room lodging that incorporates the bedroom, kitchen, and living area into one overall space. Its open floor plan does not include walls differentiating the bedroom and living areas, and the kitchen may or may not be separated by a wall. 

The bathroom is the exception because it is required by law to be in a separate room with a door. While the size of a typical studio apartment varies by location, renters could expect to find anything between 400 and 600 square feet.

One-Bedroom Apartment 

As the term implies, a one-bedroom apartment has a bedroom that is entirely separated from the rest of the unit. This type of apartment often has a higher price and square footage than a studio due to its separate rooms.

Choosing the Best Apartment Type for You

Now that you know the critical differences between studios and one-bedroom apartments, it’s time to look at what these distinctions signify in terms of your apartment search. These are the factors to consider while assessing the benefits and disadvantages of both.

1. Size

In big cities such as Homewood, AL, studios are frequently smaller than any other apartment type. This means studios have less storage space, and you will likely be very limited in terms of furnishings and design. 

Some people place a higher value on floor space than others. Those who are minimalists, frequent travelers, or have an active social life may not mind living in a compact place with little storage. Homebodies and people working from home may prefer or require the additional space provided by a one-bedroom apartment.

2. Price

One-bedroom apartments are considerably more expensive to live in than studio flats if they are larger (which they usually are). Rental prices are higher, and utilities are more expensive because there is more area to heat, cool, and illuminate. A one-bedroom apartment will also cost more to furnish and decorate because there is a bit more space to populate.

3. Privacy

Whether you’re going to move in with a partner or on your own, privacy might influence whether you rent a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. Studio apartments don’t have a lot of personal space, which isn’t an issue if you’re living on your own. Couples who want their alone time may choose to consider a one-bedroom apartment wherein you can have a bit of separation.


Whether you need a studio, a one-bedroom, or even a two-bedroom apartment, it’s best to consider all these important factors and explore your options. Make sure to check out the offered floor plans to get a glimpse of what the area would look like and how you can make it your own.

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