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Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out on When You’re in Homewood, AL

Are you considering making the move to Homewood, AL? Great choice-there are plenty of wonderful things that can be done in the city! A lot of them are great to visit or experience more than once, and if family or friends visit you, they’ll certainly have a great time as well. 

Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

Birmingham Civil Rights District

The atmosphere of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s were in Birmingham. As a result, many sites are spread around town to commemorate these turbulent times in history. Even parks and museums in the downtown area have memorials to the movement. 

Kelly Ingram Park was the location of protests in 1963, and 16th Street Baptist Church has a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Visit the 4th Avenue Business District if you want to see some other sites, including the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Good People Brewing Company

Who doesn’t love a nice drink? If people from the Deep South see you as true and real, you get the moniker ‘Good People.’ That’s where this brewery gets its motto and even name from. It’s Alabama’s largest brewery and the oldest one to booth. Aside from excellent craft beer, anyone who pops in will definitely find awesome conversation to be had as well.

One of the most popular drinks is the Urban Farmer, with banana and fragrant lemongrass. Another is referred to as the Bearded Lady: an ale that’s light-bodied and made from wheat. It has a rather subtle citrus hint to it as well.

If you’re feeling particularly curious or just want to have a look, they actually offer tours where you can learn about how their beer is made. It’s a fantastic time for all who come through.

McWane Science Center

No, this isn’t just “some kiddie thing” and it’s not for particularly science-leaning adults only, either. In truth, this interactive center has something for everyone from the curious to the hyper-interested. Located in Downtown Birmingham, it offers attractions such as:

  • Anti-Gravity Mirror
  • Rushton Science Theater (home of the McWane’s Tesla Coil!)
  • World of Water Aquariums

It’s also possible to learn things like the science behind bubbles and how other things work. If you or anyone you love is really into taking on scientific experiments, don’t worry: there are hundreds of them. Despite being a science center, there’s plenty of room for the imagination to run free.

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Oxmoor Valley

Golfers at any level will enjoy this 54-hole golf course. Aside from truly challenging fairways, it has gorgeous forests and free-flowing creeks. Just pick any of the three courses and tee off! There’s The Ridge, The Short Course and The Valley.


Moving to Homewood, Alabama is a great choice because there’s something for everyone! Whether the move is personal or professional, there’s no shortage of attractions and amenities that can make it feel like home. Visit the McWane Science Center, grab a pint or two at Good People Brewing Company or play a round at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Oxmoor Valley!

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